Change Management

Change is a people oriented process – technology is the easy part. It is human nature to resist new ways of doing things, changing our business practices and behaviors when “that’s the way we’ve always done it around here.” It is important to remember and address the human aspects of major change as well as the technical considerations. We can help you incorporate key change management concepts and activities into your business and/or technology change initiative to ensure a successful outcome.

Key change management concepts and activities for large projects typically include:

  • Understanding the impact the change initiative will have on various groups within the organization as well as external stakeholder groups to build a roadmap for meaningful communication.
  • Building a case for change from a business perspective as well as emotional (human) viewpoint.
  • Engaging organization leadership to model and champion desired attitudes and behaviors.
  • Providing staff at all levels of the court organization a sense of ownership. This includes opportunities to feel engaged and informed about the project, opportunities to ask questions, express concerns and as well as to share experiences with others. Providing stakeholders and business partners the opportunity to be heard is also paramount to a successful change effort.

Your people are your most important asset. We can provide the leadership and direction needed to help ensure that change happens “with” your employees, not “to” them.