We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of public sector organizations implementing technology or other major business change initiatives. Your court or agency has unique needs. You need to operate effectively and efficiently to keep pace with workload demands while upholding the highest standard of accuracy, quality and integrity. The public demands a sophisticated level of “self-service”, speed and convenience. We are subject matter experts - let us assist you with your business and technology initiatives and take your court or agency to the next level, confidently and effectively.


Management Consulting

You are a leader with vision. You know where your organization needs to go and how to get there. The problem is there is simply not enough of you to go around when it comes to managing a major new initiative while also managing and maintaining the day-to-day responsibilities and activities of your court or organization.

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Business Process Re-Engineering:  Business Practice Changes – “The Wisdom to Know the Difference” -   Streamlining and standardizing business practices are laudable and necessary goals for any large scale, enterprise-wide business and technology initiative.  The ability to measure performance on an organization-wide basis, share data with business partners and automate workflow (just to name a few) all depends on some degree of business process standardization. 

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Project Management

A project has a distinct beginning and an ending. While some projects can be long in duration, at some point the mission is accomplished and the project is complete. Program management refers to those efforts that are the fabric of your organization; they are part of what you do for the customers you serve.

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Project Leadership

Project Management – Once approved, a project takes on a life of its own. Depending on the size of the initiative, it can consume some of your most valuable resources for long periods of time. We can assist you with your business and technology initiative by providing exceptional project management services. Whether it is to augment the skills and experience of your own project management staff or to serve as the lead project manager for the effort; you can count on us to effectively and skillfully provide leadership to your business and technology effort through the practice of professional project management principles.

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There is no end to the business decisions that need to be made as part of implementing new technology. System tables to populate, business practices to review, workflow to automate, system rights to assign, custom forms to create, rules and statutes to observe… the list goes on and on.

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Change Management

Change is a people oriented process – technology is the easy part. It is human nature to resist new ways of doing things, changing our business practices and behaviors when “that’s the way we’ve always done it around here.” It is important to remember and address the human aspects of major change as well as the technical considerations. We can help you incorporate key change management concepts and activities into your business and/or technology change initiative to ensure a successful outcome.

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